Organization essentials

My goal for the new year is to ever organized! So I just purchased these amazing essentials from Sort Joy and can’t wait to get organized!! I love the quality and the simplicity of their products plus they are eco-friendly!!!

My favorite Hair Tools

Ok so honestly most of the time I just let my hair dry because I am not the best at doing my hair! Until now, I just tried Instyler’s Airless which is a rotating iron and brush combo and it’s amazing! It gives you that blow out look, smooths the hair and you also can use it for curls! I love that it can be used so many different ways!

Fashion for Good

I could not be more proud to share this amazing brand Deux Mains! The collaboration by two incredible people Jules and Billy Billingham, you may know Billy from Special Forces, the true life Hero and SAS badass who pushed me to my limits in Jordan! He has partnered with Deux Mains to create a special collection which is so special to the every detail! There is even a dog tag on the Colonel Crossbody that has his famous quote “Always a bit further”. The best part of this company is they create work in Haiti, this company was formed in response to responding after that Haiti earthquake where Julie and Billy were doing aid work and saw the best way to help was to provide jobs. They needed long term income and that is where this amazing company was formed. The give back while creating beautiful pieces!


Ok so if you are anything like me, you have a love hate relationship with WATER BOTTLES. I mean I can't live without them and I have to say I am a collector of sorts. But now with the kids taking their water bottles to school, they are being put to the ultimate test. I can't tell you how many times they have leaked all over their bags and homework and it's a mess UNTIL NOW! Brumate truly is the best and the best part is they really are SPILLPROOF!!!!

Mayzel approved

I am always looking for toys for Mayzel that are not only fun but educational and have purpose. I love Lovevery because all of their toys have purpose! They are meant to inspire, to create, and explore! They are perfect for her development and curiosity! The best part is the older kids love playing with her too! The toys are perfectly curated m! A brand I have been a fan of for years!


My skincare is always a challenge and I always struggle to find what my skin is actually calling for. KYPRIS is what I have been looking for. KYPRIS is luxury, high-performance skincare with a gentle footprint. Organic, wild-crafted, and sustainably grown botanicals combine with the best of green biotechnology for powerful results and an ecstatic experience of your Beauty and Being. It lives up to all that you hope it could be and more.

The Best ReUsable Straws

I have been a fan of Sukk Straws for a while now. I always have them with me and I love that they are small and have the best little pouch. They are easy to keep around and throw in your bag! Good for the environment and so cute to boot!

Sweet dreams

As I get older the more I appreciate a good nights sleep! And more and more I understand that creating the best and most comfortable sleeping environment is key! Recently we upgraded our down comforter and pillows from Boll and Branch and let me just say it has made all the difference! Our old comforter was over 15 years old and I didn’t even think to upgrade until recently and WOW it has changed our sleeping game. We have long been fans of Boll and Branches linens so it was a no brainer to try the comforter and pillows and I can honestly say it’s been sweet dreams ever since! Make the investment into your health and create the best sleeping environment because trust me, it’s worth it, you are worth it!

The cutest little play tent!

This is the ultimate of play tents because it is also a climbing triangle and it’s foldable! CassaroKids nailed it! The have the best play sets to allow your little one to safely explore and test their limits!

Cute as a Bow

I am a sucker for a good bow and these are just too cute! And best part is they are all under $10

The Ultimate Coffee Cup

I am always looking for the perfect cup to keep my coffee hot and NOT SPILL while I am at soccer! Well I found it and I love it, now I just have to fight Michael for it! This cup truly is a game changer!

Favorite items on SALE!!!!

One of my favorite brands for the kiddos!!! Not only is Little Road Co. Super cute, the pieces are durable and timeless! I love this brand so much and I love that they remind me of when I grew up! Timeless styles that are fun and playful and great quality! And the best part are these items are on sale!!!!

The Ultimate Cozy for your little one

Ok, I know it’s almost Spring but it’s been COLD and wet! So here goes, 7am Enfant has been one of my favorite brands FOREVER! They are a must have for anyone traveling with a little one in the cold, let me just tell you that we traveled all over Europe, freezing Colorado, and late and wet soccer practices and this little one is as cozy as can be with her 7am Enfant Polar Igloo!! They have so many different styles and they also have the warmmufs which are great for pushing the stroller and keeping your hands warm! I literally am begging them to make one for me for soccer practices!!

In honor of the journey

A year ago today I embarked on the greatest journey of self discover in the Jordanian desert! It was life changing and I met some women who I hold dear so to honor what we experienced I shared this incredible piece with each of them. the Camel to symbolize the journey of where we have been and where we are going! On the back it is engraved guidance! This necklace is not just a necklace but a powerful reminder of strength and grit!!!

Best Bikes Ever

The best part of summer is fun on a bike and the best bikes around are PREVELO. This is our second round of bikes from them because the kids grew out of their first and the truly are the best. They encourage the kids to get out there and tear up the trails. If only Prevelo made a bike for me.

The Best Sweatsuit EVER

So I have been leaving under a rock! I just discovered WoolX and it has changed my life! Not only are there pieces ultra comfortable, but they are fashionable and made of Merino WOOL so they keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer, they are sturdy fabric, the don’t wrinkle or smell and they LAST. So yes, are the a little pricey, yes but the quality, sustainability, and the longevity is worth every penny! These are pieces you will keep for a long time!!! I absolutely love every WoolX pieces and actually just got a bunch for Michael! Fan for life right here!

Gifts that last a lifetime

For Kenzie’s 10th birthday we always knew we wanted to give her her first piece of jewelry! Something that she will remember and signify the big leap into double digits! I instantly knew I wanted the Byrdie heart from Zahava! I just love their pieces and the quality and most important the meaning behind every piece!

Sleep tight!

There is nothing I love more than getting home and getting cozy! Ever since I got my WoolX Feathertouch pjs, I will never look back. Yes they are an investment but one that I swear you will wear every night!!! They are so comfortable and truly the best Jammies I have ever had!

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